Gaddings Dam - Friends

We invite you to support Gaddings Dam by joining the Friends of Gaddings Dam.

Although significant contributions have been made by local companies in the past, the Group now relies on the Friends for the majority of its income.

By joining the Friends, you agree to make an annual subscription of 10 to the Gaddings Dam Group by electronic transfer via PayPal from your credit/debit card, or from your PayPal account.

Over 94% of your subscription goes directly towards the operating costs of Gaddings Dam. The Gaddings Dam Group is a not-for-profit company which means that no funds are withdrawn as profit by the directors. The officers of the company are all unpaid volunteers and do not claim any personal expenses. The remaining 6% covers administration fees, mostly funds transfer and web services.

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You can of course cancel your membership and subscription at any time, but we will be unable to refund any subscriptions already paid.